And so begins the bread revolution!

Valériane and Guillaume are the two pillars behind Boulangerie Guillaume. They opened their first traditional french style bakery in a tiny local in Montreal at 17 Fairmount E. Why there? Simply because they could move their family in the apartment just above.

The bakery lived instant success and the new store, perfect to start, rapidly became quite small. And so begins the bread revolution! Three years later, Valériane and Guillaume were searching for a new and more spacious spot where they could still serve the local clientele.

5132 St-Laurent seemed ideal in this light. Finally, their dream came true: having a beautiful bakery on the ‘main’, luminous and welcoming, where everyone can see their team shine. The space was designed and fitted by L. McComber and won the Frédéric-Metz prize and the Prix du Public for the Commerce Design Montréal 2015 contest.

The space, even larger today with the addition of the neighboring 5134, fits in all respects with Valériane and Guillaume’s vision: a magnificent bakery where great bread and great people can find one another daily. Saying it over and over, it is thanks to their regular clients and creative team that Valériane and Guillaume run this splendid bakery known as an institution by, but mainly for, the community.


Boulangerie Guillaume is above all a pleasant environment with a warm atmosphere where welcoming is a priority both for the client and the team. Here we give special attention to the quality, the variety and the freshness of all our products.

Our bakers are encouraged to excel in their work and better their techniques to meet the standards of Guillaume. Constant motion prevails amidst this modular bakery with the many workspaces, under the curious and watchful eye of its favorite clientele who are always glad to be part of the lively and vibrant atmosphere.

Whereas traditionally bakers are kept hidden, they are now on front stage along with the sales team, urban music and display of impeccable products. This busy bakery aims at a quick service and competitive prices; our staff is guided by these basic principles to ensure that our clients never hesitate to come by and partake in the action!

The energy in our work can be seen on our black aprons stained with white flour. It is wild and organic. It is such that for this mission to be fulfilled and our philosophy be respected, we need everyone’s collaboration. Our employees are encouraged to adopt our mandate and contribute to aid us in attaining our highest goals of excellence.