And so begins the bread revolution!

Since its creation in 2010, Boulangerie Guillaume has been guided by a particular vision of artisanal baking. "Work" is above all a tool for fulfillment and participation in the community. The strength of the work is seen on these black uniforms mottled with white; it is lively and organic.

The founders, Valériane and Guillaume, opened their first traditional French-style bakery in a small Montreal location, at 17 Fairmount Avenue East. Why this place? Because it had the particularity of being able to accommodate the whole family in an apartment located just above.

The success of the bakery was instantaneous and the perfect space from the beginning quickly became restricted. The bread revolution was happening! The bakery will undergo various transformations since, according to the various needs of the company, these changing from one year to another.

Various important people have pitched in and we are grateful to those who have given us the strength to go further than we could have done alone. It was therefore logical for Valérianne and Guillaume to enter into a partnership in 2019 with key employees who are now the real forces behind the Bakery. Either Rémi Del Pino (head baker) Janis Bouchard, Cristian Alexis Leon and Théo Sadozai (directors of operations)

The current store is now located at 5170 boulevard Saint-Laurent. It is intended to be a space where bakery products are in the foreground and the layout designed for efficient and dynamic operation. You will also find on the ground floor the pastry and ready-to-eat laboratory which now has its own space (formerly shared with the bakery).

The bakehouse, the true heart of the Guillaume bakery, is located at 5132-5134 boulevard Saint-Laurent. Directly on the street, the craftsman, hitherto traditionally hidden from passers-by, is brought to the fore and can benefit from a pleasant, spacious and optimized space.

Just next door between two buildings, a public square, an oasis of greenery, belonging to the founders can be used by customers as well as all the people of the neighborhood. Because we will never tell you enough. It is thanks to their diligent clientele and our creative team that this sublime bakery exists; an institution by, but above all, for the district.