FAQ: Here are some frequently asked questions.

questions boulangerie guillaume faq


  • Are there mushrooms in the brioche champignon choco vanille ?

    Haha! No,the word ‘mushroom’ here refers to the shape of the brioche; it is baked in a mold and looks like a mushroom.

  • Are all your products made daily ?

    Yes, of course! Our bakers work through the night and into to wee hours of the morning to provide you with breads as fresh as can be.

    It happens that we will sell day old bread. We sell it at a very low cost so that our clients can stock up on their faves or try something new.

    By the way, our bread is known to last longer than the norm given our fermentation techniques and given that we tend to hydrate our dough a little more so than others.

  • Do you have gluten-free products ?

    We have a few pastries without wheat flour, such as the ‘rocher’ the carré aux dattes, the amaretti and the galette avoine. It is important to keep in mind that even these can be in contact with flour and so are not recommended to those with severe allergies or intolerances.


  • Allergies :

    All our products may have been in contact with allergens. Even though it does not contain the allergy causing ingredient, it may have been in contact with any type of allergen coming from the distribution plant. These are the realities with artisanal bakeries.

  • Vegan products :

    Yes, though we like to use lots of cream, butter, eggs and cheese, we have quite an extensive range of vegan breads. You simply need to ask your clerk before purchasing. From the kitchen, salads and soups are usually vegan as well as at least two sandwiches.

  • Quality of bread :

    We pride ourselves to be an artisanal bakery made up of a team of bakers with various backgrounds and experiences. It is to be expected that from one day to the next one can notice little differences in the product whether it is at the kneading stage, the shaping stage or even the seemingly straight forward baking stage. Note also that bread is a food that is subject to humidity and temperature; as such, its confection changes according to the seasons of the year.

    This said, your satisfaction is our priority. You can always bring back a product you are not happy with; it will give us the chance to retrace when it was made and make the necessary adjustments to ensure correct technique.

  • Our flour :

    We use unbleached and untreated flour from quebec and other canadian provinces. It is chosen based on its taste and its ‘’breadness’’ (i.E. How amazing of a bread this flour can make.). The suppliers may change on occasion but it is the quality and yearly availability which dictate our choice. Moreover, some of the types of flour we use is organic or from sites that use reasoned farming techniques.

  • Biological :

    We are not. Though, all the flour we use is organic, except for the ‘white’ flour. It should be noted that to the best of our capacity we try to use organic ingredients. We do not use only organic to give more accessibility to your products.

  • Keep your bread fresh :

    It is best to keep it in a paper or cloth bag for up to 3 days. More than that, we suggest pre-slicing and freezing. This way you can defrost what you need.

    All our breads freeze well except for the longish ones like the baguette and the ficelle. They will last up to one month in the freezer though; after that they may get freezer burn. Finally, it is not recommended to put bread in the fridge. The bread will have a tendency to dry, lose some of its aroma and absorb some of the neighboring smells.